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The Looney FarmAlex, OK

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While The Looney Farm isn't, nor will it likely ever be USDA organic certified, as a baseline, we implement all commonly accepted organic growing practices.  We have never, and will not ever use chemically derived pesticides or herbicides on our crops, or anywhere else on our land for that matter.  We have and will continue to study and implement farming techniques that improve the health of the soil and  in turn produce the most natural and healthy produce possible.  Sometimes pests in the garden can get out of hand which means that on occasion we have to break out the big guns - but we never use any substances that aren't OMRI certified (naturally derived and approved for natural, organic growing). That's a promise we'll never break!

Below is a sampling of what you can find at our seasonal farmer's markets, selected stores and {{wishing}} in the future, restaurants.

How & What We Grow