We think it's a tiny gesture to be able to give back to our communities, especially those struggling with food insecurity.  Healthy food is something we think should be readily available to everyone regardless of where life might have you at a moment in time.  We are constantly on the lookout for local organizations, charities, group homes, shelters, food pantries and banks, to donate excess produce.  Sometimes we get requests to fill a need, and sometimes it's a way of reducing waste, but in all instances we love making sure that our communities are fed and have healthy options in the process!

We don't ever seek to be compensated financially for what we see is a opportunity to give - But from time to time we are asked by customers and others if they can contribute/donate for a number of reasons; Like to make additional funds available so we can donate even MORE or even to simply help offset some of the cost of donating.

** Please note that we are NOT a charitable organization (401 c3) and cannot provide receipts for tax purposes.