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buyer's club member rules & agreement

Every club has a secret handshake and rules and you have to agree before you can become a member.  So even we have to have some rules and an agreement (don't worry, we don't really have a secret handshake!)

The rules are simple, and mostly for your benefit.  Before you are an official member,  you will be required to read and sign the membership agreement.  We'll email you a link to complete this step.

membership agreement

I understand and agree that....

As a member, I'm assuming some risk of farming by buying into the club.  I understand that The Looney Farm will do EVERYTHING in their ability to have successful harvests, but there are a multitude of reasons that crops can fail.  (this is our acts of God clause.) There is not a 100% guarantee of availability of produce to purchase.  Memberships are non-refundable.

My Buyer's Club Membership has a published end date, and will not be automatically renewed. 

Spending Funds cannot be used prior to the opening of the season (April 2022).  Unspent spending account funds at the end of the season will not be refunded, carried over to subsequent seasons, nor can they be transferred to another member, nor can be used to purchase  online store giftcards.

Repeated missed pickups may result in your loss of access to the system.

The Looney Farm has the rights to amend agreement terms and policies and any changes will be communicated to members in a timely manner.

membership rules

general good people rules


Don't try to cheat the system. Members are also investors - you cheat the system, you cheat yourself.


Communication is VITAL!  Rules are rules, but we can sometimes be flexible. You  just have to talk it out with us.

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