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buyer's club memberships

Farming - it's tough work, expensive, and there's a LOT of risk! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one way to reduce some of that risk for small, local farmers. You purchasing a share gives the farmer some capital at the start of the season to buy seeds and supplies. You get first dibs on the best, healthiest, and most local produce possible.  We break the traditional concept of the CSA!  In most traditional CSA models, you don't get much say in what you get in your weekly share. You get your box or bag of produce and hope to goodness you can find a good recipe for that one thing that you have no idea what is even is, let alone how to cook it so your family will eat it. With The Looney Farm Buyer's Club, you are in 100% control of what you get! Once you spend your prepaid buy-in, your membership doesn't end!  You can continue to shop in the online store until the end of the season with all your other benefits.

  • There are a total 100 member slots available for the 2022 season

  • Enrollment will be open and continue until the end of March, or we fill up slots, whichever comes first.

Read what current and previous Buyers Club members have to say about being a member!

2022 buyer's club membership information

membership Investment

  • total upfront membership investment: $235

    • $200​ of your investment converts into a prepaid spending account for the season.

    • $35 membership fee (lots of administrative stuff happening in the background throughout the season)

  • 2022 Season dates

    • starts on Saturday, April 2nd (first online ordering date is March 28th) {spending funds cannot be used BEFORE this date}

    • ends on Saturday, December 17th (last day to spend any prepaid funds)

 Read this about the TRUE cost of membership 

membership benefits

  • Early access to

  • 10% discount on products during the season

  • Earn $10 in additional in-season spending funds for referring new members (each, and unlimited)

  • Special access/discounts to on-the-farm events (special tours, farm dinners,  more?!), and on Looney Farm merchandise

membership agreement - to complete your membership, you'll be required to read and sign the membership agreement - this details all the ins-and-outs of the buyer's club membership - read the overview of the membership agreement here.

how it all works (in a nutshell) once the season starts, everything flows in weekly cycles - something like this:

  • monday mornings

    • members will receive an email announcing that the store inventory is updated and ready to take orders

    • the weekly email will contain your spending balance as of that day, farm updates, and other updates.

  • mondays through thursdays

    • members can pre-order from the online farm store (
    • checkout using the buyer's club payment option to pay with your spending account.
      • when your spending account is empty, you can save a card on file for future purchases.​
        (Discount continues through the end of the season)
  • thursdays @ midnight​​
    • this is the weekly pre-order cutoff.​
  • fridays
    • after harvesting, washing, and packaging veggies all week, we fill the week's orders.
  • saturdays​ & sundays
    • you meet us at the pickup location of your ​ choice at the designated time/window.
    • or - we deliver your order to your doorstep (no contact)
  • miscellaneous stuff​
    • no, you don't have to order online, you can come shop, and use your spending account at the markets​
    • yes, you can come to market and buy MORE or something you forgot to get in your pre-order.

Some statistics about the true COST of being a member
(if you're into that sort of thing)

On average, BEFORE the 10% discount, members will spend about $300 for the season. That means after the discount, they spend about $273 - which means they are saving $27 over the course of the season.

$27 is discounts doesn't really sound like that much right?!  CONSIDER THIS....Of your $235 investment

  • You get $200 of on that investment BACK to spend on your produce.

  • Meaning you really only 'out' $35 (membership fee) for the whole season!

  • BUT - if you calculate back in the average savings from your discount ($220+ of veggies)

    • YOUR TRUE COST is less than $15  to invest in a local farm, and you get TOP QUALITY produce at a discounted rate!​

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