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The Looney FarmAlex, OK

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buyer's club memberships

Farming - it's tough work, expensive, and there's a LOT of risk! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one way to reduce some of that risk for small, local farmers. You purchasing a share gives the farmer some capital at the start of the season to buy seeds and supplies. You get first dibs on the best, healthiest, and most local produce possible.  

We're breaking the traditional concept of the CSA!

In most traditional CSA models, you don't get much say in what you get in your weekly share. You get your box or bag of produce and hope to goodness you can find a good recipe for that one thing that you have no idea what is even is, let alone how to cook it so your family will eat it. 

With The Looney Farm Buyer's Club, you are in 100% control of what you get!

You pick your share every time you shop. Maybe you need double the lettuce mix for a dinner party this week- No problem! Can't stand beets? Don't buy any- grab some yummy carrots instead if you'd like!

As a Buyer's Club member, you receive a pre-loaded spending card with the total amount of the share available. This card can be used anywhere we sell direct: at the farmer's market, delivered to your home (for a small additional fee) or in person at the farm! The card works for everything, from the best lettuce mix you ever tasted, to our kick-butt swag (t-shirt, hats and shopping bags.)

Because we know that different families have different needs, we have 3 different membership levels to choose from.

Each level will give you an exclusive discount towards the purchases you make with it, since it's already added to the amount of money loaded on the card at the beginning of the program. 

Here's the best part! 

If you spend your entire card value in the middle of the season, your membership doesn't end!  Just show your card at the time of purchase and continue saving that percentage through the end of the year!

The Looney Farm brings high quality beautiful veggies week after week to market. They take pride in the details which shows in the freshness and flavor of all that they sell. We greatly look forward to seeing Carrie and Joe every week and even more so the picture perfect veggies they grow.

- Amanda McCaslin

how do i choose?

How often do you shop at the farmer's market: Are you a weekly die-hard? Maybe, you realistically only make it every 2-3 weeks? Choose your shopping frequency below, then look across the chart to see what your membership dollars averaged across the season will get you.


 The typical customer buys $6 - $12 worth of produce and the average item we sell costs $3. Spring and summer, we will have up to 30 varieties of vegetables to shop from (not just lettuce.) Keep that in mind, and if you think you might be buying more when there is more variety, you may want to consider choosing a higher membership level.