become a buyer's club pick up location sponsor

What is a location pick up sponsor?

Our Buyers Club Members have the option to pick up their weekly orders straight from the farm, or at one of the farmer's markets that we have a vendor booth at or other locations.  Those are all designed to make pick up as convenient as possible.  The more other locations we have the more convenient it becomes for more members!

A pick up location sponsor is a buyers club member who would receive weekly pick up orders at their home, business or other location to facilitate pick up orders for other members nearby.

How do I become a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you are {mostly} in control.  You pick from the available pick up days. You set the pickup window.  There is room for flexibility, but there are a handful of things that we will look for in location pick up sponsor.

  1.  You must be a buyers club member, or are planning on becoming one.

  2. You ​​would ideally have multiple other members within 5-10 (+/-) mile radius willing to pick up at your location.

  3. Have space accessible at your location for members to self-pick up (coolers can be provided if needed.)

  4. Be willing to have your contact information published (ONLY to other members) for pick up coordination.

what's in it for you?? sponsor perks!

Even though we try to do as much of the work as possible, being a sponsor does require some participation on your part - so we thought we would sweeten the deal a little bit for you!  Here is what you get.

  1.  You get to be the hero in your neighborhood, town or city that makes the amazing Looney Farm lettuce mix, and other fantastic veggies accessible in your community.

  2. You get your dibs order delivered for FREE when we drop off location orders.

  3. You get an additional $50 added to your spending card balance for the season.

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