"I call Dibs! "

Dibs! is a buyer's club benefit that give members first Dibs!​ 

Dibs! is THE KEY FEATURE  that makes our buyer's club so unique.  It allows the members to basically get any item being brought to market, WITHOUT having to worry about getting up early and beating the crowds. 


You'll never have to worry about the carrots being sold out by the time you get your 4 yr old dressed and out the door again!  You can  even pick your desired items from the Dibs! page from the comfort of your home in your holey t-shirt and flannel pajama pants.

However, Dibs! is not a standard online store.

Dibs! is a hybrid store/reservation system.  It has the normal look and feel of any other online shopping experience, but that's where the similarities end. 


When you purchase your membership plan, you will automatically be added to the Dibs! system.  At the time of placing a Dibs! order, you can choose Dibs! Pickup (at the farmer's market or farm) or Dibs! Delivery (to your home on market days.)

There are some things that Dibs! users need to remember:

  1.  Dibs! orders are always due by 8pm on Thursdays

  2.  Even though all members get Dibs!, availability is still first come first serve among the Dibs! users. 

  3.  Dibs! market pickups / deliveries occur on market days (currently, only on Saturdays -pickups MUST be during normal market hours.)

Here's how Dibs! Pickup works.

Here's how Dibs! delivery works.

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